Childhood Obesity 101

Childhood Obesity 101. It's back to basics, not rocket science.

Frustrated, saddened or overwhelmed with your child's excess weight? Let Childhood Obesity 101's helpful, step-by-step coaching get you and your child in the healthiest shape of your lives!

Transitioning your child from obesity to a healthy balanced weight doesn't have to be as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Are there challenges for an overweight or obese child? Without a doubt. Will lifestyle changes play an important part in parents and caregivers helping their child reach an appropriate size? For sure. But does creating family health, including having all family members at a balanced weight, require parents to have a social sciences degree, fitness instructors' training or nutritional certification? Absolutely not! And especially not if someone who does have that training and a couple of decades experience working with people who are dealing with obesity (i.e. me!), helps you along on the journey.

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Lean as Can Be approach

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If It's Simple, Why Haven't You Heard About It?

So if in most cases, dealing with childhood or teen obesity can be brought down to some basic, "it's not rocket science" principles, why haven’t you heard about them?

Why are we currently dealing with unprecedented rates of child obesity, spending millions of dollars on research and ineffective programs and have ordinary parents in the dark on simple childhood obesity truths?

That's where checking out the rest of my Childhood Obesity 101 website comes in:

  • gaining insight into how you and your child got to where you are
  • discovering simple tips on nutrition for teens and children
  • understanding why a one-size-fits-all, magic bullet approach doesn't work
  • learning how to motivate your family to work towards health for a lifetime.

Discovering Childhood Obesity 101 is like discovering your own tailor-made way to optimize health! Armed with the information found on this site, you’ll be able to wisely pass on the newsstand magazine headlines that promise 20 pounds of weight loss in 20 days or dropping two pant sizes without one ounce of exercise. You’ll have a new child and adolescent wellness lens through which to filter out unhealthy lifestyle practises and will be armed with tips and tools that keep you on the healthy living journey for life.

You can do this . . . We can help

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Congratulations on your decisions and good luck on the journey! And please, be sure to contact me if I can be of assistance!


Brenda Wollenberg BSW RNCP

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 Jonathan Bailor, a brilliant researcher and  exercise and nutrition expert, really likes the Kids in Balance program, and interviewed me for one of his weekly The Smarter Science of Slim podcasts. Take a listen! Then contact me to join one of our online Kids in Balance programs and get your family healthy and lean as can be!

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